Andy Wahloo, Paris


Andy Wahloo, Paris

From the man who brought sketch and Momo to London, Mourad Mazouz is behind Andy Wahloo in Paris. Like Momo, Moroccan hints twist together to create an intimate, kitsch 70s atmosphere with portraits of women grazing the walls alongside pop art and orientalism. Andy Wahloo, which in Arabic means ‘Andy with nothing’, gives off a sensual vibe, tucked away on a hidden street, further adding to the mystery.IMG_3665-min

Khalhed is the genius behind the bar, finally settled in this Parisian venue after working both in London and Dubai. Home to over 150 gins, including Brockmans, Khalhed experiments with classic and signature cocktails by adding north African flare which have won the bar many awards. Valuing craft from across the world, he hosts guest bartenders each month who bring in multicultural flavours and ideas.

Behind the bar, you’ll find the restaurant, fittingly named the ‘Derriere’, as literally translated means ‘the butt’ or ‘behind’, depending on the meaning you wish to assign. As the evening carries on, head back to Andy Wahloo for more innovative cocktails and great dancing.

We’d recommend asking Khalhed what he feels like creating with Brockmans whilst you’re there. Sometimes he’s in the mood for a bramble, other times a martini with an African twist…Andy Wahloo Paris