Malmaison Leeds


Malmaison Leeds

Lights. Cocktails. Action.

That’s how bar manager Leo Higney describes Chez Mal, the bar at Malmaison Leeds. It has a warm New York basement bar feel to it, offering a wide range of craft beers and spirits to accompany the well-executed cocktail menu.  While the menu is extensive, it’s not built to intimidate, but rather provide the opportunity to find the perfect drink for you. For Leo it’s all about the ‘experience.’ “We offer warm and friendly table service to all of our guests to enable them to just sit back, relax and enjoy!” A beautiful bar described as a visual adventure, there’s always something new to discover. Throughout the day they master the latte and croissant crowd, before transforming into a cosy night bar in the evenings.

Leo first came across Brockmans at Gin Festival York when he decided to be one of the first bars in Leeds to stock our gin. “We pushed it because it was different. It is different, dynamic and unique compared with most. Brockmans proved an instant success.” Even with 30 varieties of gin behind the bar, Brockmans became and has remained one of the top selling super premium gins. Normally served with elderflower tonic, a twist of grapefruit and blueberries, Leo has also created a twist on the classic gimlet…

DSC_0621 - Copy-min 1.  Describe Malmaison Leeds in a few words.

A hotel bar like no other!

2. What’s the best thing you’ve overheard at your bar?

I once had a customer ask me to put Tabasco in his glass of shiraz as it wasn’t ‘spicy’ enough for him.  Thought that was a bit weird….

3.  Why is gin so popular?

To me gin has become more approachable, it has lost its stigma of ‘mothers ruin’.  The fact that there are so many varieties and styles of gin available now gives people a more informed choice.

4. What about Brockmans appeals to you?

It truly is a gin like no other, I love how it pushes the boundary of what gin is without being disrespectful to the category.  The blueberries and blackberries really come through and create a really smooth finish, I think it’s a great choice to introduce people to gin.

5. If you could have one last drink before you died, what would you choose.

Negroni, without a doubt!

DSC_0655-minBrockmans Blackberry Gimlet

By Leo Higney


  • 35ml Brockmans Gin
  • 15ml Crème de mûre
  • 5ml Lime juice
  • 5ml Lime cordial
  • 5ml Sugar syrup
  • 25ml Blackberry puree


Shake with ice and double strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with blackberries.