The Dead Rabbit


The Dead Rabbit, NYC

Although more famous for suits, ties, and Bull Markets, New York’s Financial District has over the last few years seen growth and investment in a good quality range of establishments, with their own distinct feel. But, step aside Wall Street, as this neighbourhood has another star attraction gaining a global reputation: the Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog Bar. Last week, we popped in to visit Events Manager Brooke Baker.

BrookeAlongside the event planning, Brooke manages and bartends the Dead Rabbit’s ‘Occasional Room’ located on the third floor. Each of the bar’s rooms has a slightly different style and feel, from the sawdust-laden ground floor and cocktail bar, to the relaxed vibe of the Occasional Room that transports you to the comfort of your granny’s front room.

The Dead Rabbit first opened its doors on Water Street a little over four years ago. In that time, it has accumulated numerous prestigious awards including ‘World’s Best Bar’ in 2016, Best Newcomer Bar and eight plates from the ceremony at Tales of the Cocktails. There is no doubt this is one of the city’s top destination bars.

Having been with the team for over three years, we’ve worked alongside Brooke three times to develop cocktails for each Brockmans masterclass. Executed with the flair we’ve come to expect, she consistently creates cocktails to both welcome and round off each class that accompany our taste profile. To some extent it’s easy to achieve as “Brockmans provides such a versatile and fruitful base, meaning there are many variations to play with. You can come up with so many drink options, which is great for being creative.” A few of the drinks have balanced our botanicals, such as peach and ginger, whilst others have complimented the flavours (raspberry chin chin). The gin itself Brooke described as being a true “sipping gin,” with its stand out qualities, and ability to delve deeper into the earthier and citrusy notes providing a great balance on the palate.

DR 2-minIt has been a pleasure to travel a little way on the Dead’s Rabbit remarkable journey. Seeing our gin in some of the world’s best cocktails is a humbling experience and we’re honoured to be a small part of this amazing success story.