Tribeca Tap House


Tribeca Tap House, NYC

At the end of May, we ventured into one of New York’s up and coming neighbourhoods to visit the Tribeca Tap House on Greenwich Street. A 10-minute walk from the World Trade Centre and a stone’s throw away from a bunch of subway stations on Canal Street, the bar is a hub to both locals and visitor alike. We sat down with Matt Clayton, the bar manager, to get to know more…

Once upon a time, this was the Pig & Whistle, well-known to rough and ready Tribecans for the last quarter century. But five years ago it was overhauled and re-envisioned as the Tribeca Tap House; a bar that would be both neighbourly and inviting to visitors. Over time it evolved into a destination bar for events, parties and live streamed sporting events, without compromising the local tavern vibe.

upstairs-dining-room-2Matt started at the bar back in August of last 2016 and has been instrumental in putting together a comprehensive, yet balanced cocktail list. Remarkable given this is a watering hole for famous beer taps. Brockmans arrived there around the same time as Matt and currently features as a take on a traditional Moscow Mule. It’s a phenomenal drink, a sentiment shared by many given its one of the top sellers on the list. We asked him what he thought made Brockmans different, unique – “It’s not your typical, traditional style of gin – a very good departure”; he went on – “I love Brockmans lighter, floral notes, something they achieve without sacrificing versatility.”

Given a free hand, we asked Matt what would his ideal Brockmans cocktail would be. Without hesitation, he answered with a bramble. But given his first experience of Brockmans was in a Negroni, that particular twist is equally hard to beat.

As we continue sharing stories, we finally come around to figuring out what the most bizarre moment in all his years behind the stick was. Sometimes, these things become legion, to the point it’s hard to remember one specific instant. Yet, one thing did stand out – “One lady once ordered a House Salad, with a topping of chocolate cake”, weird in any book, but she compounded the surreal situation by asking for ranch dressing. As you do. Different strokes for different folks…

Looking for a cold pint on a warm New York summers day, or ahem, that fantastic Brockmans Mule – make your way to the Tribeca Tap House on the city’s Greenwich Street. Guaranteed a warm welcome and a fun night awaits.