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TT Liquor, London

You have probably always been on the lookout for your one-stop shop for all your spirits needs. A place where you can sit and enjoy your favourite tipple (ahem Brockmans), purchase a bottle and even take part in a cocktail masterclass. You probably doubt such a place even exists, but we’ve found it here in East London: TT Liquor.

Having recently overtaken an old police station, TT Liquor spans over three floors. The entrance is of course at the shop, which is unlike any we’ve found in London. Wooden cupboards filled neatly with hundreds of bottles line the walls. Their stock actually spans over 1000 varieties of spirits, wine and beer so there is something for every seasoned drinker. Tastings take place for two weeks at a time, making it simple to sample a variety of brands.

TT Liquor Brockmans GinA walk through the back and up the stairs takes you to a beautiful large space that lets the natural light in. From there three studios equipped with mobile bar stations revolutionise the idea of cocktail masterclasses. The team at TT Liquor guide you through five cocktails you create at your own station. Long gone are the days of boring speeches with Power Point slides. The larger space can also be converted for photo shoots, retailers, workshops and supper clubs, most recently home to Philip Juma’s famous Iraki cuisine paired with TT Liquor’s mixology.

A walk to the very bottom brings you to the bar, which is a converted cellar. The original jail cells are still in place, perfect for larger groups and tasting experiences. Cubbies atop the bar can be rented out to keep your purchased liquor safe for your next drink.

We spoke with Tom, their head bartender, who has been at the game for 15 years. Originally from Italy, he’s travelled the world working in various bars. The menu is built into four different parts to highlight four important eras of bartending: the Belle Époque/Speakeasy, Prohibition, The Golden Age and the Modern Day Revival of the Classics. So as we sit with our Brockmans’ Club, a take on a G&T, we ask him a few questions…TT Liquor Brockmans Gin

1. Describe TT Liquor in a few words.

Unique, low profile, great bar.

2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve overheard at your bar?

Someone once asked if they could have a particular gin. When I garnished it with rose petals instead of the signature garnish, the customer responded that we should just close the bar since we can’t get the garnish right.

3. Why is gin so popular?

Gin is going through the trendy phase. It was once vodka, then rum and now gin. 46 distilleries in the UK alone opened in 2016 because it’s relatively simple to make and gives chances to smaller producers. The big companies have done a great job advertising.

4. What about Brockmans appeals to you?

The berry nose combines perfectly with the dryness of the gin to make something really palpable.

5. If you could have one last drink before you died, what would you choose?

The Sazerac, the classic New Orleans cocktail.

TT Liquor Brockmans GinBrockmans’ Club

By Tom


  • 50ml Brockmans Gin
  • 1 bar spoon blueberry jam
  • 10ml mandarin syrup
  • Top with grapefruit and rosemary tonic


Shake all the ingredients, serve it in a highball and top with tonic water. Garnish with grapefruit zest.