Spirit Of The Night


Back in 2007, four gin fanatics set out on a mission to create a gin that truly was like no other gin. The outcome was Brockmans; a gin that stands proudly apart from the many other types and flavours of gin, due to its unique recipe of no less than 11 botanicals along with its patient steeping & age old distillation process.

With a taste unlike any other, how would these four friends even begin to describe their gin to the world? Knowing that words alone could never do it justice, they challenged film directors to visually translate the taste of Brockmans gin through film, resulting in a series of three thrilling and provocative art films.

The first film, Angelo Valentino’s ‘Out of the Dark’ is strangely reminiscent of ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ as our protagonist happens upon a weird and wonderful world back in 2008. https://vimeo.com/148108711

Featuring an edgy London backdrop and a journey filled with intrigue; the second interpretation, 2013’s ‘A Night Like No Other’, by Andy Hill, was delightfully risqué. https://vimeo.com/148108712

Released today, our third film creation bears the unmistakeable hallmark of director, Pablo Vega, as he breathes life into an emotive frieze about the power of seduction via the many sensory experiences offered by Brockmans. The manner in which Pablo produced his film, ‘Spirit of the Night’, is intimately tied to the atmosphere that Brockmans brings to its events, with the director filming part of the short live, capturing the emotions of performance artists and spectators alike.

We hope you enjoy it!